Want This Pillow Dot Com

While visiting Denver for work, I tried Airbnb for the first time. Late adopter, that’s me. It worked out mostly perfectly. That first morning, waking up in Denver, I had a single thought. “These pillows are so comfortable.” I stayed over at a friend’s house a couple of weeks later. Again, I woke up thinking about how much I liked the pillows. Three weeks ago, I left my teenager behind to make the long drive to Illinois, to join my siblings in clearing out my mother’s house. Nothing about that trip felt comfortable. I stayed one night at a Marriott that was conveniently located along the highway just outside of Elkhart, Indiana. I woke up in the morning feeling, oddly, comfortable. It was the pillows. They were a welcome tender mercy. I pulled off the pillowcase and protector to find a message.


Considering all the difficult and confusing things that were happening, this clarity of message was another tender mercy. Yes. I want this pillow. When I returned home the following week, retail therapy was on my agenda.


Want This Pillow leads right to a Marriott shopping site. Marriott must have gotten so many requests for their comfy comforters, pillows, mattresses, and bedding that they went ahead and made them available to the public. There are several websites that offer Marriott brand bedding. A quick Google search leads me to believe that at least one is having a sale at any given time.


Even including the hefty (and mandatory) overnight shipping fee, the bedding is reasonably priced. The feather and down pillows are soft and supportive and ever so comforting. Now I’m thinking about the down duvet cover. Hmmm ….



Lush Life on Enders Island

We took the quick ride over to Enders Island a week ago. Although it is just a few miles from downtown Mystic, Enders Island feels light years away from the bustle of our tourist town.


Maybe we haven’t taken a stroll through the grounds this summer. These hot and sunny days are running together, as summer days should, so this may well have been our first visit since spring.


Normally, the Enders Island gardens are manicured in that ‘just so’ way they do. Now, though, it feels lush and wild. The rock formations are being overtaken by summer growth.


The flowers are floppy.


Part of the sea wall is undergoing reconstruction, so grass gives way to dirt.


I like the new natural vibe. Sometimes we tend our gardens just so and then, wham!, we let nature move in its own direction.


If you’re so inclined, Enders Island welcomes visitors to stroll the property. They also host programs and retreats throughout the year. Catholic mass is offered daily. To learn more, and get driving directions, visit the Enders Island website.

Breakfast at B&B Dockside in Westerly

Karen and I decided to beat the heat and find a waterfront venue for our breakfast summit. Chat we must, and this time our coffee came with a water view.


B&B Dockside is tucked back on Margin Street in Westerly. I’ve driven past Margin Street a million times as I have made the turn on Route 1A toward Watch Hill. Instead of taking the turn, Margin Street is the straight ahead option. The restaurant started out on Oak Street in Westerly, but has been in this location for just over a year. B&B Dockside offers outdoor seating with a view of the Pawcatuck River.


We chose to sit inside, a little closer to the self-serve coffee station.


Although B&B is well known for amazing burgers and homemade chips, we wanted to try their breakfast. Karen chose the sweetest option on the menu, per usual. I went with the savory and both portions were oversized and cooked to perfection. The self-service begins and ends with the coffee. Our server was quick and knowledgeable and, best of all, didn’t rush us as we lingered over our caffeine.


On the way out the door, we stopped to ponder the notion of buying ourselves a couple of boats. Maybe. And very tempting during the current heat wave.


If you’re wondering B&B stands for “burgers and breakfast.” We’ll have to come back for the burgers, because we both loved the breakfast. B&B Dockside is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am until 3 pm, Friday and Saturday from 8 am until 8 pm, and Sunday from 8 am until 1 pm. (They adjust their schedule, somewhat, during the winter months.) Visit their website and Facebook page to learn about daily food and drink specials.

B&B Dockside
19 Margin Street
Westerly, RI