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In my real life (as opposed to my online life here), I work in publishing. As a result, I’m fortunate to come across wonderful books that probably won’t make the New York Times best-seller list but are infinitely more interesting – to me – than the latest whodunit.

Stuff is about just that: stuff. The subtitle tells the real story: The M(Group) Interactive Guide to Collecting, Decorating With, and Learning About, Wonderful and Unusual Things.

Author Carey Maloney and his partner, architect Hermes Mallea, show off their beautiful home and the homes of their friends and clients. Maloney describes how the eclectic projects come together, and writes funny, personal stories about the homeowners and the process.


Some things interest me – Moroccan rugs! – and some things just don’t. Sorry, oceanic art. But Maloney has a theory: “ I have found in life that the more you know, the more you like.” Each of the forty “topics” in the book (Treehouses, Empire style, Georgia O’Keeffe, Aboriginal Bark Paintings, to name a few) references a section of the book’s website where readers can go to learn more. The additional information ranges from educational and historical to just plain silly.

This is a coffee table book that doesn’t spend much time on the coffee table. Funny. Enlightening. Inspirational. I pull it onto my lap whenever I sit down on the couch.

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