Well, hi there. I’m a current resident of Mystic. And I’m delighted to be here!

No, I’m not a Mystic native … not by a long shot. I grew up in Illinois, and then moved to Boston where I attended college and graduate school. After fifteen years in Boston, my work in publishing called me to Manhattan. I loved living on the Upper West Side but, after ten years, I was itching to see a bit more green grass.

Mystic seemed the perfect location for me, and I’ve never looked back. I profile-picbought an historic house built in 1853 (that’s code for “no insulation”), started hiking at Barn Island, acquired two dogs and three horses, had a daughter, and learned to love our Big Green Wall. I now consider myself this town’s biggest fan.

Mystic is a fantastic place to live and a wonderful place to visit. The Mystic Wave presents a personal and unique look at our town. Sure, we talk about the well known attractions like Mystic  Seaport, the Mystic River Bridge, and the Mystic Aquarium. But we also offer insider advice on specialty shops, events, restaurants, hotels, and where to get the best lobster roll in the area.

Whether you’re a Mystic resident, someone planning a trip to Mystic, or just an avid blog reader, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading about and seeing a few of the things that are happening in the Mystic area.

I generally write to the following schedule:

Monday & Tuesday: shopping/local people and places/observations
Wednesday: great places to eat and drink
Thursday: fun things to do
Friday: local photo

If you have any ideas or suggestions for posts, I’d love to hear from you. Or, if you’re planning a visit to Mystic, I would be happy to answer your questions and open the comments for other folks to chime in.

Contact: molly@themysticwave.com

For local advertisers: We’re trying something new just for local businesses. There is a space dedicated to local advertisers in the right hand sidebar of each page. In an effort to showcase what’s happening locally, we’re going to make this available to five businesses each month. You can advertise an event, a sale, or anything you like. Let’s see how this goes. Let me know if you’re interested, for which month, and any suggestions (molly@themysticwave.com) and we’ll make this a win/win.