Even Martha Loves Mystic Knotwork

I was first introduced to the products of Mystic Knotwork a few years ago when we were doing some holiday shopping at The Emporium. My daughter decided to buy sailor bracelets for her cousins. Regardless of gender or personal style, these classic New England bracelets seem to suit everyone.


Nowadays, I’ve been bumping into Mystic Knotwork merchandise at many retail establishments but they also have their own store located in the Velvet Mill. This is a family owned, multi-generational business. These folks have been tying knots for almost sixty years, and at the Velvet Mill shop, you can see them in action.


Isn’t this a nice doormat? These sturdy woven mats will survive many years of weather and muddy shoes.


I love this wreath for all seasons. I’m not doing it any favors in this picture. You can see much prettier photographs on the Mystic Knotwork Facebook page. Everyone is at the Velvet Mill on Saturday mornings; it’s difficult to take pictures while keeping up on all the local chatter. Priorities, friends.

Martha_Stewart_American_Made_DesignAll of Mystic Knotwork’s products are made locally, using American grown and processed cotton. Just recently, the company was a finalist for the Martha Stewart 2014 American Made Award. Anything with Martha’s stamp of approval is A Good Thing, indeed.

Their cute little shop is open Monday through Thursday and Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm, and on Friday from 10 am until 7 pm. They rest their weary fingers on Sunday. Ordering is fast and easy from their website.

Mystic Knotwork
The Velvet Mill
22 Bayview Avenue; Suite 3A


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  1. Hi, Emily. Yes! You can buy that pretty wreath at Mystic Knotwork and then zip almost next door to Zest for your holiday pies. (But I suspect you already know that. 🙂 ) At the Stonington Saturday Farmer’s Market — now indoors at the Velvet Mill — I’ll bet I could knock a few names off my gift list and fill my fridge. It’s multi-tasking season.

  2. Emily Dale says:

    Really beautiful. Might have to pick up a couple for Christmas gifts! Is this the same building as Zest (bakery)?

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