Maize ‘n Manna: An Alternative to the Coffee Date

When my friend, Kersten, invites me out for a morning coffee date, I always know that it will involve more than a quick cup of coffee at the local doughnut place. ‘Cause she’s cool like that.

This time, in fact, it wasn’t coffee at all. She shepherded me over to a spot that is new to me: Maize ‘n Manna.


This organic, whole-food emporium offers staples (flours, pastas, herbs and spices, dried beans, grains) at a great price. There are plenty of gluten-free choices. You can purchase reusable glass jars, or bring your own containers, and hunt-and-gather up just what you need. They also offer custom-mixed fresh veggie juice in a variety of character-enhancing “flavors” including Cleansing, Energizing, and Relaxing. That’s where we were headed.

Maize-n-Manna2While sipping my “energizing” juice, I was happy to sprawl in Maize ‘n Manna’s window seat to take advantage of the – free! — Vitamin D. Other mom-types were lounging in comfy stuffed chairs, enjoying vegan muffins and coffee.

Maize-n-Manna4Maize ‘n Manna’s daily take out menu features a range of vegan and gluten-free options. The choices are served up daily on a blackboard as well as posted on their Facebook page.

I loved our morning adventure, and can’t wait to see where Kersten leads me next time. And I’ll be back to Maize ‘n Manna, to show other friends that there is – indeed – life beyond caffeine.


Maize ‘n Manna
40 High Street
Westerly, RI

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  1. velomonkey says:

    Good write up. Mystic needs an insider view on where to go. When you’re ready for whole belly clams call me!!!! I got the DL.

  2. Kersten says:

    Really enjoying your writing and the new blog, and am happy to be a part of all the hard research that might be involved. Great work and what a fun community resource….

  3. Anonymous says:

    How far is Westerly from Mystic?

    • molly says:

      If you follow Route 1 from the Mystic drawbridge, you’ll hit downtown Westerly in approximately 15 minutes. It’s a nice drive with some interesting sights along the way.

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