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On Wednesdays, I usually write about a local restaurant, bakery, take-out place, or other food-related topic. Since we’re in the midst of the holiday shopping season, I thought I would mention a food item and a shopping opportunity. Multi-tasking! Extra Virgin, in Olde Mistick Village, and Semolina Pasta Shop have taken their relationship to a new level. They moved in together to make room for the owner’s newest venture, Sticky Situations.


As with the oil shop and the pasta shop, my first thought was that the concept was mighty specific. “A honey shop?” Then I tried some. Did you know that if you put a beehive in a cranberry bog, the result is cranberry honey? Delicious.


I wondered what would happen if the bees didn’t stick to the script and wandered off to a nearby meadow. Apparently, that’s how you get wildflower honey. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share the nuances of the honey-producing business. I wish I had thought to ask about the bacon honey.


The new shop is set up, a la Extra Virgin and Semolina, as a tasting room. Suggestions for food pairings and recipes are posted alongside each sampling station.


Much of the honey is produced outside of Mystic. The company-owned (or leased) hives are strategically placed to take advantage of the natural flavors that are available in different locations.


In addition to honey, Sticky Situations sells a variety of syrups, bee pollen, honey-related products, and gift items.


We did not walk away empty handed. I’m betting that you won’t, either.


Sticky Situations is open daily from 10 am until 6 pm. Visit their website or Facebook page where you’ll find loads of photos and information about the newest honey flavors.

Sticky Situations
Olde Mistick Village
27 Coogan Boulevard
Suite 15D

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