Sherman’s Market in Noank

It was supposed to be a quick coffee-and-a-bagel catch-up. I suggested that we meet closer to her house, at Sherman’s Market in Noank. She likes what she likes: Café 511 in Mystic. I’m not one to argue with a freshly baked salt bagel – the best bagels in the area, I maintain – so we turned up on a rainy Saturday morning. There was not a seat available. People were hunkered down with their French toast bagels and breakfast sandwiches, looking out at the downpour, not likely to be moving anytime soon. “Sherman’s?,” I suggested.


My one and only quibble with Sherman’s is that it doesn’t open until 9 am. We turned up, soggy and under-caffeinated, at 8:40ish. Fortunately, Sherman’s excellent customer service starts in the parking lot. Within five minutes there was a tap at the car window and an invite to come inside.


Sherman’s Market opened in October, taking over the space previously occupied by Noank Community Market. Sherman’s is a small grocery store, a deli and fish market, a coffee house, and a community gathering spot. The Shermans, a husband and wife dynamic duo, also own Washington Street Coffee House in New London, so they know what they’re getting into with this sort of operation. The prices on groceries will never match the chain stores but having a local option, within walking distance of the Noank village homes, is worth the extra pennies for occasional items.


You know what else is worth the extra pennies? A good cup of Dave’s Coffee, which is exactly what we had on Saturday morning. You can even purchase some Dave’s beans to take home.


Sherman’s offers breakfast sandwiches, homemade bagels, and pastries.


Who can resist the delicious hot oatmeal that they make fresh each morning?


They also serve lunch and dinner and there’s a deli case filled with prepared foods.


I love the idea of purchasing fresh spices as needed. I never do it, but I love the idea.


Vegetable bins are filled with local and organic produce.


It’s the quirky aspects of Sherman’s that sets it apart. In the front window, a little counter lined with sweet red chairs gives patrons a nice view of the action on Pearl Street. Those who opt to sit at the communal dining table in the center of the space will undoubtedly fall into conversation with neighbors. The end cap on one grocery aisle offers fine art prints done by a local artist. Really, who can resist this place? It’s chock-a-block filled with local color, including the girl who runs out into the rain to tell two soggy souls that the coffee is ready.


Sherman’s Market is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am until 7 pm, and on Sunday from 10 am until 4 pm. Their website and Facebook page are updated regularly.

Sherman’s Market
17 Pearl Street

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